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Restauranting 101:

The Six Sales Pillars

Increase your sales starting the first day you listen this book. These steps are not optional, they are necessary, in the new world of restauranting!

  1. Increase Prices

  2. Keep the Customers You Have

  3. Increase the Average Check Size

  4. Increase the Frequency of Customer Visits

  5. Bring in New Customers

  6. 86 the Wrong Customer


Restauranting 101:

The Eight Basic Fundamentals

In any restaurant, there are eight basic fundamentals that can turn any restaurant around in 90 days.

  1. Set & Achieve a Noble Goal

  2. Develop the Owner Mindset

  3. Build a Winning Team

  4. Build a Customer-Focused Brand

  5. Build a Better Marketing & Sales System

  6. Build a Better Money Management System

  7. Build a Bullet-Proof Operating System

  8. Improve, Innovate & Adapt


Food Guru's Video Cookbook

The world's first online video cookbook. From how to dice an onion, to how to make the "mother sauces", to how to make a classic martini, watch hundreds of recipes from your computer or phone, in 90 seconds or less.

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