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Peter Harman, The Food Guru
Your Master Strategic Thinking Partner

Restaurant Owner / Operator / Creator:

The Food Guru is a Chef, Restaurant Owner, Author and Restaurant Growth Expert. 

His goal is to start a restaurant revolution and help restaurant owners build better restaurants and earn the gold standard of our industry - a 10% Profit every month.


Food Guru Management: 
Peter is the CEO of Food Guru management. FGM works with restaurant owners and investment groups to create, design and manage restaurants. 

Master Strategic Thinking Partner:
The Food Guru works confidentially with restaurant owners & CEO's, through one on one coaching sessions that focus on Eight Basic Fundamentals. The goal is to help restaurant owners, managers and chefs achieve financial freedom and live the life of their dreams. 

Dynamic Speaker: 
Peter is an excellent speaker and entertainer. The Food Guru will get your group fired up and ready to take on the World. 

Build a Better Restaurant Podcast:

The Food Guru produces a weekly podcast / pep talk that focuses on the Eight Basic Fundamentals of the restaurant business.  Peter has produced over 150 Episodes on topics that range from nuts and bolts accounting to staff recruiting to systems and marketing and sales. Episodes are between 15-30 minutes. 

Graze Gourmet To-Go:
Our goal is to be the perfect post pandemic restaurant. We focus on Catering and Gourmet Take Out with a retail and beer & wine shop. 
Graze has NO waiters or bartenders. We are open five days per week from 11am - 7pm. Graze is closed on Sunday and Monday so our people can have a great job and a life. 


Martini's Grille:
Peter opened Martini's Grille in Burlington, Iowa in 1997. Martini's Grille is a modern America steakhouse. Martini's Grille was named, Best Steakhouse in Iowa and Top 100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America by Open Table for it's
 breathtaking view of the Mississippi River and historic downtown Burlington.  Martini's Grille is open Tuesday - Saturday (4p-9p) for dinner. Our people enjoy every Sunday and Monday off. 

Peter has written three food and beverage related books.
The Manly Art of Macho Cookery
The Martini's Grille Cookbook
Martini's Martinis Cocktail Recipes. 

Plus, Two books on restaurant management. 

Restauranting 101: Focuses on Eight Basic Fundamentals, it is available on Amazon.  

Six Sales Pillars Audio Book: This audio book will help you grow your sales and see exponential profit growth. It is available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. 

The Food Guru has two future books in the pipe line. 
1) Build a Better Restaurant Team

2) 2025, What the restaurant of the near future will look and taste like.

Fun Facts:

The Food Guru was the first chef to podcast a cooking video, way back in 2005, called Food Guru Moments. Peter produced 300 cooking video podcasts from 2005-2008. 

Peter was selected by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine as a Rising Star of the Future in 1987, while he was working as Chef at Thistle Lodge on Sanibel Island.

Peter was the youngest chef to earn the title Certified Executive Chef from the American Culinary Federation at the age of 27. Peter is a member of the Iowa Restaurant Association, the past president of the Southwest Florida Chef's Association, and member of Les Amis du Vin, The Chains Des Rotisseurs and Les Amis d'Escoffier Society. 

Peter began his career in Southwest Florida where he was a Chef and Food & Beverage Director at several prestigious restaurants and resorts including, The Shallows Restaurant, The Veranda Restaurant, Thistle Lodge at Casa Y Bel, Windows on the Water at Sundial Beach & Tennis Resort and South Seas Plantation. 

Golden Spoon Award - Top Ten Restaurants in Florida - The Shallows Restaurant.
Best New Restaurant" in Florida - Windows on the Water. 

American Culinary Federation Competition:

7 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal

Career Highlight:
Peter & Kim Harman received 'The 2017 Bump Elliott Appreciation Award from

Kirk Ferentz and The Iowa Hawkeye Football Team for their outstanding service, commitment and dedication, providing sports nutrition to Iowa Football. 

Peter Lives in Downtown Iowa City with his wife Kim.

Peter has two sons, Tyler who lives in LA, with his wife Becky and son Cooper. 

Evan lives in Iowa City and manages Graze Gourmet To-Go. 

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