Restauranting 101:

The Six Sales Pillars

Did you know... in all the world, there are only SIX ways to increase sales:

  1. Increase Prices

  2. Keep the Customers You Have

  3. Increasing the Average Check

  4. Bring in New Customers

  5. Increase the Customer Visits

  6. 86 The Wrong Customers

When you improve any ONE of these six pillars, your sales will increase by at least 10%. But when you combine ALL SIX together in a system your sales will increase EXPONENTIALLY by 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, even 60%!

In fact, I truly believe you (yes, YOU!) can literally DOUBLE your sales if you get serious.

What Does It Cost?

  • On Audible, it is FREE if you're new. 

  • On iTunes, it costs $17.99.

  • On Amazon, this book costs $17.50 (from your computer).

This cost less than ONE MEASLY HOUR of overtime for your dishwasher. 

With over eight hours of "red meat" choc-full of actionable steps you can take today to increase sales (not kidding, quite literally, actually happening TODAY you can increase your sales by at least 10%), ask yourself, "What on Earth could possibly stop you from listening to this audiobook?"


"I'm in chapter three, about 5 hours left in the book, and the section on how the service should go is incredible. I'm loving the details of each course, and the dive into what the best restaurants and service staff should look like to our customers. Thrilled with the book so far."

- Daniel C.



Sales Pillar #1
Raise Prices

The first thing I want you to do is raise your prices by at least 10% today. Don't be scared, just do it. Your good customers don't need a discount. What they really NEED is great FOOD, great DRINKS, and great SERVICE. They need a place to call "their place."

This will instantly give you extra cash that you can use to stay alive.




Sales Pillar #2
Keep The Customers You Have

The only way to do this is to "Deliver the Customer Promise." This means to be yourself and do your job 100%. Give the customer exactly what you promised them. Your product must be aimed at your target audience and delivered to them in a consistently excellent way, each and every time they visit.

Keeping the customers we have is about delivering first-class hospitality, creating customer advocates and raving fans.



Sales Pillar #3
Increase The Average Check

The sales “ground game" is what happens inside your restaurant AT THE TABLE. I'm going to teach you and your people how to get every four top to spend like a five top, and introduce you to the "Ahh Moment" where the magic really happens. 

This information is so simple and obvious, it will literally make you cry when I show you how much money you've been leaving on the table.


Sales Pillar #4
Increase Customer Visits

We are in the "relationship business" where the goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers. I'm going to show you how to get your customers to return more often. I'm going to show you how to blow the mind of your first-time customers and build an army of raving fans. Then, we're going to use "permission marketing" to fire up and energize your restaurant club and keep them coming back over and over again for years and years. 

Imagine what will happen when you get 33% of your customers to come back one extra time each year, from now on.


Sales Pillar #5
Bring In New Customers

This pillar is about Advertising & Marketing. The goal of advertising and marketing is to make the customer WANT & DESIRE what we are selling. It's simple, really simple. But, if we miss this step, the customer will not come to our restaurant, and we will go out of business. First we sow, then we reap. If we don't advertise first, we cannot reap the benefit of customers spending money in our restaurant. 

In addition to paid advertising, we will also talk about the best way to bring in new customers, which is by "positive word of mouth" from our customer advocates.


Sales Pillar #6
86 The Wrong Customer

Most restaurant owners wear themselves out by trying to please the WRONG customer. This pillar is about attracting and serving the RIGHT customer. The objective is to sell our goods and services to our target audience. The people you had in mind when you created your restaurant. The people who understand and appreciate your "core concept."

This means you should focus your marketing efforts on attracting your target customer, and stop wasting time on the people who do not appreciate who you are or what you are doing.


"Peter Harman is the Bill Belichick of the restaurant business."

- Reese Morgan

Iowa Hawkeye Football Coaching Legend

Imagine What Would Happen IF...

... you could keep just 10% more of the customers you have.

... you could keep increase your average check by 10%

... you could get your customers to visit 10% more often than they do now.

... you could improve your marketing and bring in 10% more new customers.

... you could replace the wrong customers with 10% of the RIGHT customers.

Here’s what will happen:
Your sales WILL increase by 60%.