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Re-imagine your restaurant.

Peter Harman,
The Food Guru

Restaurant Consultant
Strategic Thinking Partner

I help restaurant owners focus on EIGHT BASIC FUNDAMENTALS that lead to a BETTER LIFE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


I help restaurant owners THINK BIG!

Who is This For?





Chefs & Cooks





Stars of

the Future


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"The Eight Basic Fundamentals"

Most restaurant owners are chasing their tails, trying to do 1,000 different things each day with no success.


I teach restaurant owners, managers and chefs, just like you to focus on Eight Basic Fundamentals that lead to better profit, a better team, loyal customers, and peace of mind.


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"The Six Sales Pillars"

There are only SIX ways to INCREASE SALES

in your restaurant.

  1. Raise Prices

  2. Keep The Customers You Have

  3. Increase The Average Check

  4. Increase Customer Visits

  5. Bring In New Customers

  6. 86 The Wrong Customers

If you are looking for "Exponential Profit Growth", This Audio Book Will Help

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"Build a Better Restaurant"


The Food Guru's  Weekly PEP TALK

will get you fired up and ready to kick ass!

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My restaurant was in trouble a couple months ago. And after working with Peter my sales keep increasing every week, and my sales now is 200% better. Trust me he is the man,  not only for your business, but your life also

- The Viet Guy

"Peter Harman is the Bill Belichick of the restaurant business."

- Reese Morgan, Iowa Hawkeye Football Coaching Legend

"Beneficial financial, business, leadership and personal goals and advice! What a great foundation for building a profitable restaurant. Two thumbs up!"

- thebetterbaker

Great insight on a very wide  variety of topics

on how not only to make your restaurant successful but also ways to make yourself a more confident manager/owner/chef. Covers top to bottom the workings of restaurant and I would highly recommend this podcast for all in the industry

- BBQBlainers

Great content. Always Relevant. Enjoy the realness in the delivery as opposed to the corporate BS I listened to for 12 years.

- evegegrhn

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