Build A Better Restaurant

"My goal is to help restaurant owners, managers, and chefs--just like you--earn more money and live the life of your dreams... starting today."

- Peter Harman, The Food Guru

Restauranting 101:

The Eight Basic Fundamentals

I teach restaurant owners to focus on Eight Basic Fundamentals that lead to a better team, loyal customers, bigger profits, and peace of mind.

Strategy Sessions

A strategy session with the Food Guru is like digging in pure gold.

As a restaurant owner, you need someone to talk to who understands your situation and can help you build a strategic plan that will get you to the next level so you can thrive in the new world of "restauranting". 

"Peter Harman is the Bill Belichick of the restaurant business."

- Reese Morgan, Iowa Hawkeye Football Coaching Legend

"Beneficial financial, business, leadership and personal goals and advice! What a great foundation for building a profitable restaurant. Two thumbs up!"

- thebetterbaker

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