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On-Site Consulting


On-Site Consulting & Coaching 

I will visit your site and work with you and your team in person. 

Some of My Services Include:

  • Strategic Restaurant Planning
  • Menu Creation & Engineering
  • Recipe Creation, Development & Costing
  • Stair Step Training System Implementation
  • Job Descriptions & Checklists Creation
  • Manager Training 
  • Waiter & Bartender Sales Training
  • Financial Systems Creation & Implementation
  • Marketing Plan Creation & Implementation
  • Ground Game Sales Planning & Training
  • Restaurant Design & Layout


The goal is to help you Build a Better Restaurant

This is NOT a cookie cutter - one size fits all service. I will work with you and your team to create a one of a kind - business syatem that works for you.

On-Site Consulting

  • When you schedule an On-Site Consultation, I BLOCK those dates on my calendar, they are for you only, I am yours for that day. I will not book anything else.  Therefore, if your cancel an On-Site Visit for any reason (after payment is made) and I am unable to Re-Sell those dates. I will refund 50% of the daily fees and 100% of the travel fees. I will also refund air fare and other travel payments minus any cancellation fees. 

  • On-Site Fees
    $2000 Per Day 
    Plus, Half Day Rate for Travel
    Plus, Hotel, Air Fare and Local Transportation

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