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The Food Guru Guarantee: I guarantee this will be the best money you spend all year in regards to improving your restaurant. If you feel for any reason that you did not receive a value greater than the amount you spent, I will refund the entire amount of your purchase immediately. No questions asked. The truth as you will soon find out is - I care about my clients and truly want to help you build the restaurant of your dreams. You have absoloutly nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Client Confidentiality: Some consultants brag about their client list, I never do. My One on One Coaching sessions are pirvate matters between you and me. It doesn't matter if you are the CEO of a multi national corporation or the owner of a 50 seat diner. We all need someone to talk to who understands our situation and has an open, non-judgemental mind.

Food Guru Coaching

Payment Amount
  • If you are no longer receiving value from our coaching sessions, please let me know the minute that occurs, and I will any unearned fees you may have paid in advance.