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Wasabi is Japanese horseradish, be careful wasabi gives off serious nasal fumes.  Wasabi is much stronger than American horseradish and is also known a Japanese cocaine or yuppie crack…


1/4 cup wasabi 
4 tablespoons cool water

Thin Wasabi
1/4 cup wasabi
1/4 cup cool water


Place wasabi in a bowl with cool water, mix with a fork… This is wasabi paste
Roll it in a little ball and serve it on the side of the sushi as a garnish. 

To make a leaf garnish grab a chunk of wasabi… 
Roll it into a pinecone shape in your hands, give it a small chop with your hand to make it flat, then draw a leaf pattern with a knife…

For another type of wasabi garnish:
Add a little more water to thin down the wasabi and place it in a plastic bag or pastry bag. Cut the corner and pipe the wasabi on the serving platter in a decorative manner.

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