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Jun 15

Indirect Grilling




Start two chimneys of charcoal. When the coals start to turn white, they are ready to go. Usually one chimney will turn white faster than the other. Pour the fast one out first and pour the slower one on top


Placing coals on one side of the grill only…. Because I’m going to grill chicken using an in-direct method. Start the chicken over the coals… skin side Up, cover with the lid and cook for about 5 minutes


Turn the chicken so it’s skin side down and cook for another 5 minutes to sear it… When foods stick to the grill, it means they are not ready to turn yet, Leave it alone, and come back to it a little later


When the skin has seared… Rotate the grill grate so the chicken is away from the charcoal and will not burn. This is called in-direct cooking.


At this point you can baste it with BBQ or any sauce you like…. Or leave it au natural…


Cover with the lid… Be sure the top grill vents are above the chicken away from the heat, so the heat will pass through the bird on the way out…


Use in-direct grilling technique for whole chickens or large cuts of meat that take a long time. The point is to use the grill like an oven, and still get the great outdoor BBQ taste…

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