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Sushi Mat / Makisu

Sushi Mat / Makisu

A bamboo mat called a makisu is used to roll sushi. It may also be used to squeeze water from other foods.


Bamboo Sushi Mat
Plastic wrap


For rolling sushi you need a bamboo mat, called a makisu.
There are 2 styles of mats used for sushi, one is made with thin round bamboo and the other is made with thicker bamboo which is round on one side and flat on the other, the flat side is used when making square or rectangle sushi. The thicker mat is considered more versatile in Japanese cookery.

To wrap the mat in plastic, hold the mat between your stomach and the plastic wrap box, pull out the wrap and tuck between your stomach and the mat to secure. Wrap the plastic around the mat twice, leave the wrap end on the back side of the mat away from the sushi. Roll the mat up into a roll (see video) and squeeze to release excess air

You may also place a sheet of plastic on the table and wrap the mat las per the video, it won’t be as tight, but it should work fine, roll the mat and squeeze out the excess air.

* Be sure to tuck the ends of the plastic on the back side of the mat, away from the sushi.

* Your makisu should be rinsed with hot water and air dried after use.

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