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Shallot Prep

Shallot Prep



A shallot is kind of like a cross between garlic and a red onion.
They’re sweet and strong and used in lots of French recipes.

To mince a shallot:
Use a chef’s knife to cut off the top and the bottom of the shallot.
Cut the shallot in half, and then peel it.

If they have multiple sections, break them up
We use the peelings in stock or discard

Make small thin slices in one direction, but don’t go all the way through the shallot
We use this back end to hold it together.
Turn the shallot and then slice into very small cubes.
Lay it down, and finish cutting into cubes
At this end cut the shallot into strips.
Then turn and dice those strips.

This is a fine diced shallot..!

To Mince:
use your chef knife in a rocking motion like this.

Shallots give great depth to soups and sauces

Great in French recipes..!


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