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Seafood in Fata Paper

Fata Paper is a hot new thing, you can heat it to 400-degrees in the oven.  Fata Paper is a clear film which you can use to create appetizers, entrees and desserts.  This recipe is similar to the French papillote. Papillote is when we bake fish in greased parchment, the parchment fills with air and is cut open tableside to reveal the dish.


1 salmon filet, fresh 
1 lobster tail 
1 jumbo shrimp 
2 jumbo sea scallops 
1 tomato slice 
1 slice of butter 
1 slice of lemon 
salt & Pepper
fresh basil or dill leaves


Place a 20 by 20 inch square piece of Fata paper on a plate.
Top it with a small filet of fresh salmon, a lobster tail, a jumbo shrimp and a couple jumbo sea scallops.
Top the seafood with a slice of tomato, butter, lemon, salt, pepper and a few fresh basil or dill leaves.

Gather up the edges, twist and secure them with a twist tie or a piece of string.
Just like you would wrap a package in celophane.

Bake the Fata paper pouch in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes or until the fish is hot all the way through.

Remove the fata paper package from the oven and serve it on a very hot plate.
The hot plate will help the steam stay in the package on the way to the table.
Use scissors to cut the top off the Fata paper at the table so the steam and aroma can do their magic.

Experiment with different ingredients in your Fata paper to create your own recipes.

Don't use fata paper over a direct flame.

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