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Sauce 101

Sauce 101

Sauce 101



I want to take the mystery out of sauce cookery and teach you how to make great sauces. Did you know that there are really only 5 Different Sauces in the entire western culinary world?

These sauces are called the “Mother Sauces” They include:
Red Sauce - Marinara - Cardinal
White Sauce - Bechamel - Veloute - Supreme - Alfredo
Brown Sauce - Espagnol - Demi-Glace -
Hollandaise - Bearnaise - Maltaise
Butter Sauces - Beurre Blanc - Compound Butter

Every other sauce is a derivative from one of these basic “Mother Sauces”

In addition to these mother sauces you’ll learn to make basic stocks, such as chicken, beef and lobster
You’ll also learn about mirepoix and how to thicken your fabulous sauces like a pro.

As a Chef I’m into the simple building blocks of great food and I get off on crazy stuff like making a great stock… check out this chicken Stock, it has this great fat layer on top which can be easily removed and used for roux

The best part is that it wiggles like jello, you’ll know you have a great stock when it wiggles like jello…

The next time you make a great stock send me a video
I’d love to see pictures of your stock wiggling like this…

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