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The Food Guru® - Sangria



1 bottle red wine 
3 oranges 
3 limes 
3 lemons 
1/2 cup Simple Syrup 
12 oz Spirte 
2 oz Chambord 
2 oz grenadine 
1 can Guava Nectar 
3 oz Raspberry Vodka


Fill a pitcher about half way with ice. 
Quarter an orange, lemon and lime. 
Squeeze into the pitcher and drop in the remains. 
Fill the pitcher about half way with red wine. 
Add fresh squeezed orange juice, simple syrup, sprite, 
Chambord, grenadine and a little guava nectar for fun.

If you want, spike with the sangria vodka, rum or even tequila.
Give it a stir and let it sit for 30-minutes to allow the flavors to marry.

To serve:
Pour the sangria into a glass filled with ice. 
Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a monkey and let the fun begin.

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