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Salmon in Spinach Fillo Crust

This is one of my all-time favorites.


12 sheets fillo dough
2 sticks melted butter
1 cup bread crumbs, panko
1/2 pound fresh spinach leaves
kosher salt and pepper to taste
2 six ounce filets of salmon, skinless, boneless


Recipe makes two:

Unwrap filo dough and lay out on the counter.
Cover with a damp cloth to keep it from drying out as you work with it.
Remove the top layer and place it on your work surface.
Brush it liberally with melted butter and dust the layer lightly with bread crumbs.
Top with a second layer of fillo dough, brust with butter, sprinkle w/ crumbs
Repeat this process until you have six layers of fillo.Do not crumb the top layer.

Place spinach leaves in the center of the filo. Lightly season with salt and pepper.
Top with a piece of salmon, then top with more spinach
wrap the filo around the salmon as you would wrap a present, first the sides, then the ends.
As you wrap each fold, butter brush the dough to seal.
When completed, it should look like a rectangle package.

Gently transfer the package to a large cooking sheet.
Repeat with the second portion.

Bake at 400-F until the filo dough is golden brown and crisp,  approx 15-minutes
Remove from the oven and transfer to a cutting board.
Slice the packages from corner to corner with a serrated knife.
Serve with lobster sauce. 


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