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Roast Red Pepper

Roast Red Bell Pepper



To Grill or Roast red bell peppers:
Wash them and rub them with olive oil
Place the on the HOT part of the grill and char the outside

This allows the pepper to pick up some grill flavor and blisters the skin
Turn the peppers several times during the process, to char it on all sides
It’s OK to burn them a bit…

When the peppers are done, wrap the in plastic wrap
Allow them to sit for about ten minutes so the skin lifts away from the meat
Be careful when unwrapping the peppers, because they may still be hot

Cut the peppers in half, remove the seeds
Slice the peppers into large sections like this
Turn them over and scrape off the skin…

These are grill roasted red bell peppers

Use the in salads, pasta, as toppings on pizza or puree to use in sauces.

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