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Raspberry Souffle

Making Raspberry Souffle is easier than you think... You Can Do It!


The Ramekins:
Soft Butter
granulated sugar to coat

1 cup frozen raspberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon almond extract
4 eggs whites
1/4 cup sugar

powdered sugar 
fresh mint

Serve with:
Raspberry sauce
Whipped Cream
Creme Anglaise, optional, see recipe in this chapter


Coat the insides of four - eight ounce souffle ramekin with butter
Coat with sugar

You may use fresh or frozen raspberries.
Thaw raspberries and strain through fine strainer, discard seeds, keep sauce. 
Add sugar and almond extract to raspberry sauce, mix, reserve at room temperature.

Sererate egg whites carefully, there can be NO yolks in the whites.
Add the sugar to the egg whites a little at a time while whipping at high speed until it forms a meringue. We are looking for medium peaks that stay suspended on your finger. 
Do Not Overbeat or meringue will become grainy or even seperate. 

Use a rubber spatula to fold the raspberry sauce into the egg whites, 
take your time, breath, relax, chill... Do Not knock the air out of the meringu

Divide souffle mixture equally between ramekins a little overfilling is OK.

Bake at 375-degrees:
Until the souffles rise and become amazingly tall. 
Souffles will become light brown on the tops. 
Immediately remove from oven and place on serving plates.
Garnish with fresh mint and raspberries, Sprinkle tops with powdered sugar. 
Get the souffles to the table BEFORE they fall... You better hustle!

Serve with more additional raspberry sauce, whipped cream and creme anglaise
You may serve the souffles in the molds or pour them out onto serving plates if you prefer. 
You may substitute other fruit for the raspberries, try blueberries, strawberries, mango, peach, papaya.

When Making Meringue- Caution:
Make sure there are NO egg yolks, aka goldfish in the egg whites
Egg whites will not rise properly if there are any yolks or fat in them
Make sure the Rubber Spatula, MIXER and BOWL are clean and FAT FREE
Remember FFE - Fat Free Equipment

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