Why Would Anyone Want to Work for You?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Here is a question for every restaurant owner, general manager, service manager, bar manager, chef and sous chef. Why Would Anyone Want to Work for You?

Don’t even think for one minute that they are desperate for a job. This may have been true during the great depression, but it just ain’t so today.

Is good help really hard to find? Most owners, managers and chefs blame high turnover on the staff, which is often true, but what about the places that have weak leadership, an under-whelming product, a lousy work environment and a path to nowhere?

Do you think that might have anything to do with it?

So, I repeat the question, why would anyone want to work for you? What makes YOU a great person to work for? This is very personal, don’t deflect the question to your boss or restaurant. Why would anyone want to work for – YOU?

I bet you are stumped, I bet you have never considered this question before. Yes, you really need to answer this question.

Here are a few bad answers:

  • I let them drink for FREE and/or our managers have good drugs.

  • We pay the highest wages in town

  • We have excellent benefits.

  • We offer a five-day work week with every Sunday and Monday Off.

  • I am the best chef or bartender in town, they get to learn the craft.

Instead, people love working for me because:

  • I have high standards and expect all my people to strive for excellence.

  • I inspire the people around me to be more than they are today.

  • I create opportunity for people who love the business and want to grow.

  • I am a great coach and people builder.

  • I respect and care about my people.

  • I build future leaders.

  • We have an excellent stair step training program to teaches our people the restaurant business from the bottom up.

  • We have a culture of excellence where winners thrive.

  • We encourage common people to achieve un-common results.

  • We add value to the lives of our people.

Why would anyone really want to work for you… What’s in it for THEM?

I’m sure you can think of a few of your own. The point is that you must have compelling reasons why people would want to work for you instead of the guy across the street. The answers better be true or the good people will figure it out and leave you in a heartbeat.

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