Who Are You & Why Are You Here?

Who are you? You are more than just your name. You are a living breathing human being. You are a body with a mind, and a spirit – a glorious spirit. You are a winner. You are special, very special. You are important, very important.

You are a giver, a player, a participant. You are not a taker, a breaker or a spectator. You are a contributor, you contribute positive things to the people around you. You are an inspiration, you inspire the people around you to be more today, than they were yesterday.

Why are you here? You are here to enrich the lives of the people around you. Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your customers and even your boss. You have very special talents and gifts, your job is to share them. You are here to share your amazing gifts with the world.

You have come here to fulfill your destiny. If you are heading toward your destiny, I encourage you to keep going. If you are afraid to follow your destiny, you are withholding your greatness from the people you have come here to help, and you are missing out on your true life, your destiny.

The fear and anxiety that you feel in the pit of your soul is not the agony of your past failure; it is your future greatness, your destiny, begging you to unleash the power inside you. The world is waiting, the world is ready, the world needs you – to step up and be you.

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