The Food Guru's Customer Promise

Hey It’s Peter Harman The Food Guru here with your weekly Pep Talk…

My goal is the teach restaurant owners and managers like you, to focus on Eight Basic Fundamentals that lead to a better life and financial freedom.

Today we are going to talk about The Customer Promise. The Customer Promise is what we OWE or PROMISE to do for our customer in exchange for their money - time and attention.

The Food Guru’s Customer Promise:

Today we are going to go inside the secret world of the Food Guru, behind the curtain and see what’s really going on. Today I am going to share with you, one of my best pieces of wisdom. This is my personal customer promise. I have been using it for more than 10 years, it is a BIG important building block of my success. I hang it in the kitchen of every restaurant I manage. This is a real Gem, so be sure to pay extra special attention. Let’s dive right in…

The Customer Promise has 16 Points, it starts with…

POINT #1: CLEAN, SAFE, COMFORTABLE PLACE Your restaurant must be clean, I mean surgical clean. Here’s the test that I use, would an impeccable lady who lives in a million dollar house think your bathrooms and your floors are clean?

The second part of that is Safe – do your customers feel safe in your restaurant? Are you in a sketchy neighborhood? And just as important, are your chairs safe to sit in or are they falling apart, what about your high chairs for really small children? What about your floors or how about your stairs?

The third part is Comfortable - Are your chairs and booths comfortable for your customers to sit in for an hour or two?

POINT #2: CLEAN PLATES, GLASSES AND FLATWARE This is a simple one. I want you to go up to one of your tables and pick up a glass, then hold that glass up to a light and see what you see. If your restaurant is struggling, I guarantee you have spotted glassware. Then, I want you to do the same with your flatware, you know the stuff your customers put in their mouths.


This one says GOOD food and drink, NOT amazing food and drink. It says consistent, because our food should be exactly the same each and every time the customer visits. Then it says at a fair price, and that means fair to BOTH the customer AND the owner…

Remember this one!!!

POINT #4: HOT FOOD HOT – COLD FOOD COLD This one is pretty self-explanatory, but are your salads really COLD? Are your pasta dishes and steaks really HOT? If you don’t agree with this concept, here is what they will be saying about you before long… Hey, what happened to Joe… He was put to death for luke warm food and tepid salads! Wow this is a tough planet!

POINT #5: MAKE THE CUSTOMER FEEL SPECIAL – DELIVER REAL - HOSPITALITY! We are in the Hospitality Business… KNOW THIS… Service is bringing someone a burger and a beer - HOSPITALITY is making them feel special and important.


Let’s break this down, be a professional restaurant person, not a freakin’ idiot. Be knowledgeable, know what the vegetable of the day is and know where the Fresh Atlantic COD comes from. Pay more attention to the customer, than you do your cell phone. Be prompt, get the show on the road. Service is having the attitude of a servant. A great man once said, the greatest among you shall be the servants.


Do something the customer doesn’t expect, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. I give all my customers free chocolate chip cookies with their bill after they eat our lunch buffet and they love it! Remember the Bakers Dozen… That’s not 13 donuts for the price of 12. That’s a dozen doughnuts - PLUS something extra because the baker LOVES you…

POINT #8: ENCOURAGE THE CUSTOMER TO HAVE FUN Think about this one, people go out to eat to let their hair down and have a little fun with the people they love. Make dining in your place – FUN!

Don’t be a stuffy - pretentious Ass Hat!

POINT #9: GIVE YOUR BEST SERVICE, SMILE & ATTITUDE Always give and do your 100% best - PLUS the magical 1% that makes it an exceptional experience. Ancient Chinese proverb says - a man without a smile, should not be a restaurant owner.


Dining in your restaurant is not brain surgery, or a surprise – it is the same thing over and over again, when the customer drops their fork, bring them a new one. I reconcile silverware, which means - when a customer drops their fork, we offer a tray with a bunch of knives forks and spoons on it – We do not give them a whole new roll-up. Here’s another crazy one for ya… When a customer orders a burger and fries, do you automatically bring some ketchup...

Or do you make them beg? I hope you get the idea…

POINT #11: OFFER THE CUSTOMER OUR BEST FOOD AND DRINK OPTIONS This is different than trying to sell the most expensive items on the menu items, this is about steering this specific customer and table into a special - tailor made dining experience that THEY will love! You have a moral obligation to do your absolute best for your valuable customers, guests and clients. When you do this you will build repeat business and raving fans!


Give me MY bill, not the bill for the table next to me.

POINT #13: HANDLE FINANCIAL TRANSACTION EFFICIENTLY Ok, now we are getting toward the end, this is not the time to screw up if you want to get a big fat tip and hit a home run. Never make a customer wait for their bill. We need to turn the table and they have places to go also.

POINT #14: THANK THE CUSTOMER SINCERELY: This is a biggie, express an attitude of gratitude toward the customer, look them in the eyes and say - THANK YOU!

POINT #15: GIVE THE CUSTOMER A GOOD REASON TO RETURN This is called cross selling, invite them back for lunch or brunch or happy hour with a specific offer or something enticing that you think - they would like.

POINT #16: IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, APOLOGIZE and CORRECT IT IMMEDIATELY: Did you hear that – IF and when you make a mistake – APOLOGIZE right now, then move on.

Here’s the PUNCH LINE… The Goal of your restaurant is to Deliver the Customer Promise! The Customer Promise is what you promise to do for the customer in exchange for their money. When you deliver every point on this list, your customers will say - WOW!

WOW! Is not some mystic or voodoo experience – it is simply about setting some standards and training your people to follow them…

Think about this, when was the last time that you went to a restaurant, and they hit every one of these 16 Points? I’ll bet it’s been a long time… Even when you go to one of the great restaurants. The GOAL is to do this at every table, every day and every night for the next ten years… Ready Go!


My Name is Peter Harman, I am the Food Guru. My goal is to start a restaurant revolution where every restaurant owner and manager who joins us has the information they need to earn a 10% Profit - create financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

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Thanks for listening

Now get to Amazon and buy my book before that are all sold out!

See you next week…

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