Positive vs Negative

It's your battle between positive and negative, who is winning?

Your mind has two channels, Channel P – the positive channel, and Channel N – the negative channel. When we spend our time on Channel N, everything we do gets done out of negativity, anger, hate, disgust and fear. Negative thinking has ruined more lives and careers than any other force on earth.

By the way, being in Neutral is NOT ok, because neutral starts with the letter N, not the letter P, so this makes neutral NOT positive.

The real secret is to tune in to the positive channel - Channel P and stay there as long as we can. When we build things from a positive mindset, they are done from a place love, hope and inspiration. Some really smart folks from Harvard did a study and they found that we are 31% smarter when we are in a positive state, who knew.

Things done from a place of love, hope and inspiration are done better. Think of Italian meata balls – made with love by momma.

Here’s a question for you - how long you can stay positive?.

Can you stay positive for 10 Seconds? 30 Seconds? One Minute or Ten Minutes? How about - One Day or One Week? Think of yourself as a cowboy, and think of your negative side as a wild bull or bucking bronco - how long can you ride? Can you ride your chaotic life long enough to tame it and calm it? Can you turn your restaurant and your life from negative to positive or will you be thrown off and trampled by your raging bull of circumstance, that you yourself have created.

As the owner or the CEO of a business – we get to deal with ALL the negative stuff. It’s true, the things that our people can’t handle, are pushed up the ladder and finally given to us, the leaders to deal with. We get to deal with the things that CAN’T be handled or fixed by the people at the lower levels. Most of the time these unresolved problems are bad and this creates NEGATIVE thinking and actions. As the leader, we have to deal with the real NASTY problems that happen in every restaurant and every organization in the World.

I want you to step back out of your present mindset for a minute. Think about your restaurant. Think about the physical building, the kitchen the dining room, the floors, the walls and the ceiling. Think about your menu - the food and drinks that you sell. Think about your people. Think about your money, the financial situation in your restaurant.

OK, now I’ll bet that some of the things that you just thought about were positive and some of them were negative. What would you say your positive to negative ratio is?

Is it 100% Negative? 80% Negative / 20% Positive

50/50? 20% Negative / 80% Positive, or 100% Positive

There are two types of situations regarding positive and negative. One is reality and the other is perception. Reality is black and white. You are either making money or you are losing money. Your restaurant is either clean or it is dirty. Your people are either on time or they are late. These are things that can be fixed quickly with energy and focus. These are things that can be improved by raising our standards.

The best way to handle these things is to IDENTIFY THEM and then set some goals and go after them with positive happy energy.

Setting and achieving goals is what we do, it’s what makes life fun, but having to go back and re-fix the same problems over and over because you or your people are sloppy or lazy is a different thing all together. This is a matter of standards not being set and or met.

The second type of negative is Perception – is the glass half full or half empty.

These things are related to your mental wiring, your personality and your philosophy. The truth is – if you don’t like it, and you can’t fix it – you should just get rid of it.

Think about the classic case of the Angel & the Devil on your shoulder. On your right shoulder you have an angel, your higher self who sees the good and wants to do the right thing. On the other shoulder you have a devil, your lower self, that’s sees the negative and wants to do BAD things. It’s true, we all have them. The big question is who will you listen to. The good or the bad, your higher self or your inner demon. We all have positive and negative influences in our lives, the test is how we deal with them. We become what we think about all day long. The things that we focus on - GROW and the things we ignore shrink, wither and die.

Let’s imagine that 80% of the things that happen in your restaurant are POSITIVE – and 20% are negative. Your life becomes what you think about and where you spend your time.

Most of us spend 80% of our time thinking about and trying to fix the 20% that is negative, it’s how we are wired. We are problem solvers. Personally I’m trying to reverse the order and spend 80% of my time on the GOOD stuff – the POSITIVE stuff. Yes, it’s very hard to do, but I’m trying my best.

There are two types of leaders – Those who solve problems and those who create great products, services and raving fans. Which type are you? Are your focused on problems or are you focused on GREATNESS! Are you a CREATOR or a Critic? Wow, that’s a good one.

Positive is more than just an attitude, it is our philosophy. We must incorporate POSITIVE into EVERYTHING we do. This starts by picking the right projects – the POSITIVE projects.

Here’s my simple example:

Imagine the goal is to sell the World’s Best Cheeseburger. We design the system to build the World’s Best Cheeseburger. We start with a positive attitude and focus on the POSITIVE things that move us forward. We surround ourselves with positive people who share our dream. Anything that gets between us and the World’s Greatest Cheeseburger – must be fixed or 86’ed. That’s it. Just work on the things that move you forward – toward the goal.


Secret #1 - Pick positive projects that have a POSITIVE impact on the World. We must pick projects that- we will still be proud of in ten years. We must pick projects that excite us, challenge us, stretch us and bring out the best in us.

Secret #2 - Do and be our absolute BEST. When we do our best, we have a sense of purpose, pride and accomplishment. Doing our best with Integrity and Character is the key to keeping our organization clean and issue free. NO CHEATING AND NO SHORTCUTS - DO IT RIGHT or don’t do it at all.

Secret #3 - Respect. We must respect the people we serve and the people who work with us. If we don’t respect the people who work for us, it is usually because we either don’t respect ourselves OR because our people don’t respect themselves. If you have personal respect issues – you must resolve them. If your people are not respectable – you must replace them - with people who are - just clean the slate and start over.

Secret #4 - Surround yourself with winners who manufacture POSITIVE – not drama and scandal. We must surround ourselves with - POSITIVE HAPPY PEOPLE who LOVE LIFE and want to have FUN!

I’m not talking about people who want to fool around all day. I’m talking about people who LOVE the restaurant business. People who share our goals and dreams. Professional restaurant people who see this as a LONG TERM quest and career. People who get off on cooking, making great drinks and serving people.

I’m talking about Winners who do great work and have fun while they are doing it.

It really is that simple - POSITIVE People want to be around happy POSITIVE people.

Negative nasty people – kill the POSITIVE / HAPPY vibe. I want to be around HAPPY people who want to win – don’t you?

The big question is – Do YOU believe in your mission? Do you believe it is worthy of the time and effort that it will take to bring it to life and make it real? Do YOU have a POSITIVE attitude about it? Because if YOU don’t know one else will – this is the simple truth, and we all know it.


We become what we think about all day long. Every one of us struggles with positive and negative thoughts, actions and emotions.

Here’s an age old question - In your war between positive and negative – who will win?

The answer is – the one you feed!

I challenge you to see how long you can get and stay POSITIVE. Imagine, riding your wild bull or bucking bronco. How long can you ride - 10 Seconds? 30 Seconds? One Minute? Ten Minutes? The goal is to break the bronco – and calm it so you can ride with inner bliss for days, weeks, months and years…

The goal is to build a great life – a POSITIVE – HAPPY life.

My Name is Peter Harman, I am the Food Guru. My goal is to start a restaurant revolution where every restaurant owner in America has the information they need to create financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

I have written a book called Restauranting 101, it focuses on Eight Basic Fundamentals that will propel your restaurant into the top 5% of all restaurants. Restauranting 101 has the power to change your life and it's available on Amazon today. I encourage you to read it, and if you really like it, buy a few extra copies for your key people.

These eight basic fundamentals have helped me and my teams accomplish amazing results, I’m sure it will help you and your people too.

If you have any questions or comments or an idea for a future podcast or blog post, please send me an email at I would love to hear from you.

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