Name One Famous Person Who Works 9 to 5

Try it. Name one famous person who only works 9-5, Monday through Friday. You can’t think of a single person - because there isn’t anyone. The people who get things done and make a dent in the universe don’t get paid by the hour…

So here’s my question:

Why is it that it’s so hard to find people who want to work in the restaurant business? Is it because we are working when our friends are out having fun OR is it a cultural problem.

How many hours a week do YOU work? How many hours do your managers work? How many hours do your hourly workers work?

Here’s a good one…

How many hours did the last person you interviewed want to work? I interview people who want to work 20-30 hours all the time – what a joke..!


You can’t build a world class restaurant with part time people! 80% of all restaurants try to do it and 80% of restaurants go out of business… do you think that part time mentality has anything to do with it? Hmmm…

If you want to build a great restaurant you need people who are 100% dedicated to winning and kicking ass…

If you want to build an OK restaurant and struggle for survival – go ahead and hire part time cooks, bartenders, waiters and managers.

Did you know that the average restaurant chef or manager works 50-55 hours a week? Its true. And, the SAD part is that their friends and family call them – WORK-A-HOLICS! The word work-a-holic is a terrible word. Do your friends ever use it to describe you?

If they do, it’s just an attempt to make you feel stupid and help them justify their laziness. Think about it, if someone calls you a work-a-holic because you have a job that you love – what are they trying to do?

Are they FOR you or are they AGAINST you?

Now hear this:

I, Peter Harman, am using the power vested in me as the Food Guru to give you permission to work as much as you want! AND - I want you to replace the word work-a-holic with words like passionate, driven, focused, and “into it”…


The best people in the restaurant business OR ANY BUSINESS work 60-70 or 80 hours a week, It’s true. I know I do. 14 hour days are nothing to me and people like me who are driven to win!

I don’t know about you, but I work when my friends are out having fun AND when they are out working their 9-5 jobs. I go to work the same time in the morning as my neighbors and I come home when they are all in bed. I LOVE IT! It’s who I am and what I do.

I’m not going to let the ankle bitters or whiners talk me into feeling sorry for myself – I love it, it’s what I want to do. AND I’m not going to apologize either, I love my job and what I do, plain and simple.

Here’s one for ya:

I get so much stuff done it’s amazing! Right now, I’m managing two restaurants, building a catering business, creating two new restaurant concepts, building Food Guru University and consulting with people like you every day. It’s what I do, and I love it!

It’s my job, my hobby and my passion all rolled up in one.

Yes, I take a couple weeks off every year and I make time for things that are important to me. I actually go the gym and read a lot. I just don’t watch a lot of TV, or spend much time on Facebook… It just doesn’t interest me.

I’m not trying to brag or make myself look important, I’m just doing what I like and feel passionate about. I have no interest in retiring anytime soon, what am I gonna do? Go fishing, Take up bacci ball? No Thanks!

My retirement plan is to do more consulting, travel the country or the world helping people like you find ways to Build a Better Restaurants and Improve your life. I love helping people improve. I don’t know why – It’s just how I’m wired.

OK - I want to stop here for a minute and answer a Frequently Asked Question… and it goes something like this:

“Hey Food Guru, I have kids, how does this change my work status?”

This is a really tough question. First, you gotta find a way to spend time with your kids. They need a mom and a dad.

You DO have to find work & home-with-the-kids balance. And the word balance has to be determined by you and your spouse. If you are divorced or a single parent, it’s even harder, much harder.

Personally, when my kids were little, their mother didn’t work outside the house. We were lucky.

Here’s my advice:

First. You need to FOCUS on getting important things done quickly, and you need to reduce the amount of time that you WASTE.

Second. You need to be there for the big stuff, the important stuff, but you don’t have to be a “helicopter parent”.

Do you know what that is?

A helicopter parent is at every single event in their kids’ lives – they never miss a home meal, a practice, or anything, they are always hovering around. Personally, I think kids need a little freedom from mom and dad, especially as they get older.

Once again, you gotta find a situation that works for you and your family and this is very personal. Sometimes you gotta slow your career down for a few years. This is a long life, and there will be time for kids and time for work. And that’s all I have to say about that for now.

Let’s zoom out and get back to our subject:

Name one famous person who only works 9-5.

Think about people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picaso, John Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk – do you think they are 9-5’ers?

Even the Kardashian’s work their asses off, they never stop, they are always moving the ball forward.

Doctors are NEVER at home, they are always working, if you don’t believe me ask their kids. Lawyers are notorious for the long hours they work, especially early in their careers.

What about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, do you think they just show up on game day?

How about college athletic coaches, do you think they work a lot? I know a lot of college coaches and they all work as much or more than I do, coaches are super dedicated and driven. When they are not coaching or planning or making speeches to civic organizations, or raising money, they are out on the road recruiting their next great players. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Think about the computer and tech dudes at startups in Silicon Valley who sleep under their desks. WOW!

Think about this…

If the average person works 40 hours a week, And YOU work 80 hours a week, in one year you will accomplish TWICE as much as they do.

You will literally leave your competition in the dust. If you are a manager and work for someone else, your career will explode, and you will become a legend in your company. What an amazing advantage.

If you are an hourly worker and your boss will not pay you over-time, do the extra work for FREE! No, really… Do it for FREE and see how long until they find a way to promote you.

When you increase your VALUE – the universe has to increase your REWARD! It’s impossible for it NOT to happen.

It is a mathematical equation:


If the person you work for doesn’t see the value and increase your reward – someone else will!

  • Average performance = average reward.

  • World Class Performance = World Class Reward!

There are no short cuts - you simply can’t have it both ways!

A guy named Tim Ferris wrote a book called the Four Hour Work Week, it’s a huge best seller. The guy’s a genius because he played to the biggest audience of all – people who want to work less than they do today and get a bigger reward.

So, where does this problem start and why should you care? I guess this comes down to the story you tell yourself… Did you know that you WILL become the stories you tell yourself.


If you think your work / Life balance is good – it is. If you think your work/life balance is bad – it is. Hey, it’s biblical – as you think so shall you be.

So, this brings us back to the real problem of finding people who are willing to work long hard hours on nights and weekends in the restaurant business.

How and when did this problem start?

I’m going to blame it all on Horace Mann, the father of the modern school system. It started with the industrial revolution, people had to be trained to work in factories and that meant they had to be trained to conform. And thus, the modern school system.

We go to school from 8am - 3pm then we go home. We even get an hour for lunch. This is the greatest life in the world, and it’s the model that every American kid grows up with.

This model carries on to college where the stars of the future are being educated. College graduates have been marinated in the school schedule for so long, it’s almost impossible for them to break free from it. The 8-3 model is literally ingrained in all educated Americans. It’s what we are used to and what we expect.

The first violation to these sacred hours happened when some teacher has the temerity to give out homework! I mean really - homework happens after 3pm and is a violation of our leisure time! Homework should be banned, or should it?

The second problem starts when a motivated kid takes on an extracurricular activity. The jocks play a sport, the artists and rich kids take music lessons, the geeks play with their computers and the real weirdos go to work somewhere. These weirdos start out working odd jobs like shoveling snow or mowing lawns, and as they get older, they get actual jobs at a pizza joint or a restaurant.

Some kids do all three things at the same time, they go to school, they play sports, take music lessons and work odd jobs. These are the real “go getters”, this is the group that ends up having the best lives.

These people are self-motivated and have a wide variety of friends, interests and skills. These are the people I want to work with!

So here’s my point:

When did it become it become fashionable to only work 30 hours a week?

The answer is – it didn’t.

It has never been fashionable or cool to do something for 30 hours and then nothing for the rest of the week.

Here’s the second part… get ready for it… unless you are a lazy loser. Oops! Did he just call me a LAZY LOSER? No, I didn’t… but if the shoe fits, what are you gonna do about it?

Ok So, here’s the point. Busy people are happier than non-busy people. Happy people have many interests, talents, skills AND FRIENDS. Happy people are always moving and they are always getting COOL things done…

Work - especially hard work leads to happiness and wealth…

  • The butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker are the happiest people on the planet..!

  • The people who have cool jobs where they make something that EXCITES them - have the best lives.

  • The people who HELP other people get what they want – ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE.

The people who sit on their asses and do nothing – are miserable! If you don’t believe me just watch Maury Povich or Jerry Springer.

Ok it’s time to wrap this up…

I want you to tackle the project that has been holding you back. You now have permission to work as much as you want. You have my permission to give 100% to everything you do this week!

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