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Hey It’s Peter Harman The Food Guru here with your weekly Pep Talk…

My goal is the teach restaurant owners, managers and chefs, just like you to focus on Eight Basic Fundamentals that lead to a better life and financial freedom.

Did you know that only 5% of all restaurants earn a 10% Profit – The gold standard in the restaurant business. My goal is to get you into that club and keep you there for the next 10 Years, no matter what the economy does. If you really want to improve your business and start living the life of your dreams – please keep reading…

Over the next 13 weeks I am going to walk you step by step through the process of building a better restaurant. Each week I’m going to give you a valuable and actionable step to work on 13 Steps that will literally transform your business and your life.

Think of it like 90-days to a NEW YOU!

I am going to give you these steps in a very specific order. AND in addition to that actionable information – I’m also going to give you a homework assignment to help make the information stick AND then, I’m going to give you a great TIP – as a Bonus for listening to the podcast all the way through…

It’s time to join the Gold Standard Club!

Drive around and look at the restaurants in your town. 80% of them are holding on by a very thin thread and one bad move can put the out of business for good. I know what I’m talking about, because I talk to people like this – every day. 15% of restaurants are making a little money, BUT only 5% are making a 10% Profit – these folks are on the right track. This is where my restaurants are… Last year I earned 13% profit. AND here’s a fun fact - the city closed the ped mall in front of my restaurant… from May – October… and we still made 13%. How about that! This is not bragging, this is a glimpse of what can happen for you.

So – my goal is to help you get to a 10% Profit and get you in the Top 5% of all restaurants.

Being in the top 5% of your field is certainly a NOBLE Goal. My goal is to help you get – out of the wilderness. To LEAD you to a better life and financial freedom…

So – without further ado…Here is our first lesson…

Thing #1 is - Define Your Concept

Can You Describe Your Restaurant in 30 seconds or less. Seriously can you explain your restaurant concept in 30-seconds or less?

  • What business are you really in?

  • What is Your USP – Unique Selling Proposition (What makes you different & special?)

  • What are you the world’s Best at?

  • Who is your market – Who do you want to sell your stuff to?

  • Who did you build your restaurant to serve?

The WHY Sandwich:

I think about this like a WHY sandwich…

  • Why - do you do what you do?

  • What do you do

  • How do you do it

  • Who do you do it for

  • Why is that important?

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Let’s apply the same thinking to your business…

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • Why did you start your restaurant?

  • What is your origin story?

Here’s my personal WHY sandwich and Origin Story.

  • I love to eat. I’m always hungry…

  • When I was a kid – My mother was always kicking me out of the refrigerator

  • I started in culinary arts school in Essex Junction Vermont. They had lots of great food.

  • That program morphed into what is now - the New England Culinary Institute.

  • I was an athlete. I can’t sit still – regular school was boring.

  • I quickly fell in love with a kitchen… It’s ok to swear and there is lots of team work

  • We get to make cool stuff - and eat it.

  • When I was young - I used to go out to a restaurant and come home hungry…

  • I like BIG portions, So guess what?

  • I serve BIG portions…

  • I pour a huge 8 ounce glass of wine.

  • Oh and I put a LOT of booze in my drinks… too

  • I crave approval, I need positive feedback

  • Cooking for people gave me instant gratification

  • I kept coming back for more

  • I’m a people pleaser

  • I want to give something of value to other people.

  • Today – I have a gigantic need to give something back.

I like being a Restaurant Owner and Chef because it has four parts

  • Athlete

  • Scientist

  • Artist

  • Psychologist

I am all four of this things…

Why Did I start my own Restaurant?

  • I was an Executive Chef & Food & Beverage Director in several large resort hotels in Florida.

  • I was tired of working in a corporate hotel with lots of politics and silly rules.

  • I was tired of the rat race & getting a new boss every year.

  • I wanted to do my own thing – to have more freedom and maybe make more money.

  • I wanted to raise my kids in a nice community.

  • I took a chance and moved to Iowa – I love Iowa!

  • I started my first restaurant with a partner…

  • The goal was to bring GREAT food to Iowa…

  • In 1997 We built Martini’s Grille – The Great American Steak House

  • We have Great Food & Great Cocktails

  • Martini’s Grille is The Place to Celebrate Life in Burlington Iowa

22 Years later we are still growing – Building a Great Culture and Delivering the Customer Promise.

What do you do?

What is your origin story?

  • What business are you really in? What is Your USP

  • What are you the world’s Best at?

  • Are you unique or just like everybody else?

  • What makes you different is what makes you special.

  • People want to go somewhere that is special…

  • People will pay what ever it costs for a Special and Unique Experience

  • People will pay full price for something that works.

Think of the breakfast cereal – Corn Flakes.

  • · What the difference between Cornflakes - Special K and Wheaties?

  • o Corn flakes is for everybody

  • o Special K is for people who care about their health

  • o Wheaties is for people who want to compete and win…

  • o Have you had your Wheaties today?

Think Starbucks vs Everybody Else…

  • Starbucks charges a LOT of money for a cup of coffee…

  • I paid $3.50 for a cup of hot water and a tea bag…

  • You can make coffee at home.

  • You can get coffee at McDonalds or the corner convenience store…

  • But Starbucks is the KING!

What makes you unique and different and special will usually be found in your origin story.

  • What are you the KING of?

  • Dare to be small and unique – find your niche.

  • Starbucks has a very small menu – Coffee – tea and a few pre fab snacks

  • Everything they do fits – in their concept.

  • They have a complete idea.

  • Look at their logo

  • Look at their colors

  • What does your logo represent?

  • What is YOUR Font? What does your font – say about you and your business. Are you Comic Sands or Times New Roman or are you completely Wingdings…

  • What does your Brand Stand For?

  • What do you do – what do your people do…

  • Why Should anyone Care?

  • The goal is to find your people and get THEM to JOIN your quest…

  • The quest for a really good meal.

  • Really Cold Beer

  • A large glass of wine

  • The best Corn Fed Beef in America

  • The Place to Celebrate Life with My Friends…

  • No Hassel, just right…

I’m in the Relationship business

  • My goal is to make friends, lots of friends

  • I do this by telling them who I am and what I can do

  • Then I do that – over and over

  • I am not in the everything business – I cannot be all things to all people

  • I’m comfortable with who I am…

How do you do it?

Do you source the finest freshest food in your local market, or do you buy pre-fab stuff of the back of the Sysco truck.

  • Is your food thoughtfully sourced.

  • Do you buy the BEST ingredients or the Cheapest?

  • Do you just open a box of Jalapeño Poppers and throw them in the fryer?

  • Do you have specially trained people or do you just have warm bodies?

In my restaurants we have GREAT drinks

  • We squeeze fresh orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple and cucumber juice every day.

  • WE don’t use day old juice…

Our food is made from scratch. We make our own salad dressings. We use fresh herbs.

  • We sell fresh fish – fresh calamari…

  • We make our own mayonnaise

  • We use fresh herbs

I think you get the idea, let’s move on…

Who do you do it for?

Who exactly are you trying to serve, help or please?

Personally, I do it for two types of people

First, I do it for the people who work in my restaurants – my employees and staff

  • I am their coach and their leader

  • I love helping my people become better versions of themselves

  • But – I hate working with people who don’t – care…

  • My restaurants are not for everybody…

  • Some people fit – most people don’t.

I also do it for my customers and clients

  • I do it for people who love great food and drinks

  • I don’t do it for ass hats and bargain hunters

  • Frankly I don’t have anything ot offer Vegans, it’s NOT my thing.

  • I don’t do delivery – even though it’s the hottest trend today. My food doesn't travel well and I don't trust 3rd party delivery.

  • I’d rather serve the people in my dining room… who came here for fun.

  • I do it for Myself… I love restauranting and doing the dance..

  • I like to cook

  • I like to bus tables

  • I actually like to wash dishes

  • I am a marketer at heart

  • And I’m pretty damn good at QuickBooks…

Why is this Important?

It is important because people need a great place to celebrate life with their friends and family. It’s important because business people need a place to entertain their clients and conduct business

  • It’s important because we all need love and nourishment

  • Restaurants provide a place to get off the hamster wheel and escape.

  • Restaurants provide a place to unwind and be whoever you want to be.

  • What is Your USP

  • What makes you different and WHY should we care.

Now let’s - Pull it ALL Together:

This is part one of a 13 week series. The point of this week is to help you understand that you need to define your restaurant and be able to tell your people what you will do for them in 30 seconds or less…

Think about this- What we buy and who we buy from are very important to us as people. WE all want to be associated with brands that make us feel good about ourselves. What we buy and where we eat - Your job is to tell the world who we are and or who we want to be.

What does your brand say about you and your tribe… ?


**** LISTEN TO Podcast Episodes #53 & #54

The first thing I want you to do is go back and re-listen to podcast #53 and #54.

These are related to 2020 and very important.

#53 is about How to Build Your P&L for 2020…

#54 is about some really Big Things to Think About… as you go thru this process.

The second thing is…

  • Describe Your Restaurant in 30-Seconds or less

  • What Type of Restaurant are you?

  • What type of food do you serve?

  • What type of drinks do you serve?

  • What type of service do you have?

  • What makes you Different - What makes you Special?

  • I want you to write this down on a piece of paper

  • Then, share it with your key people and see what they have to say…

  • AND, I want you to listen to what they have to say about things…

When you know the answers to these questions…

  • Think about how you can change things to embrace the new decade

  • Think of new ways to tell your customers and clients who you are and why you are the perfect place for them and their friends…

BONUS POINT: Today’s bonus Point is…Clean Your Restaurant

  • Take everything away from the walls and scrub the place top to bottom!

  • Move the furniture around

  • Fix Every piece of broken equipment

  • Get rid of everything that no longer serves you…

  • It’s 2020 – Time to Make something NEW and Exciting happen


My Name is Peter Harman, I am the Food Guru. My goal is to start a restaurant revolution where every restaurant owner and manager who joins us has the information they need to earn a 10% Profit, create financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

If you really want to get to the next level in the next 90-Days, here’s my simple Plan.



a. I have written a book called Restauranting 101, it focuses on Eight Basic Fundamentals

b. Go to Amazon Search Peter Harman – Restauranting 101 - buy it today.

Then, after that you can come to food guru . com and…


Thanks for listening – I’ll see you next week!

Think about this opportunity for a second… What are you waiting for?

Why do I do what I do?

  • I’m in the restaurant coaching business because

  • I know how hard it is to win in this crazy business

  • It breaks my heart to see – hard working – good people get their asses kicked

  • I do this because I know the deck is stacked against us…

  • The modern restaurant model is broken – something needs to change

How do I do this?

  1. First, I wrote a book that is available on Amazon

  2. I do a weekly podcast to encourage my people

  3. I do One-On-One Coaching.

I teach people how to build a better restaurant – one client at a time.

  • I am very patient

  • I spend as much time with you as I possibly can.

  • I study your business

  • I study your web site

  • I study your reviews

  • I study your menu

  • I look at your pictures and videos

  • I ask millions of questions

  • I don’t judge you – or make you feel stupid or small…

  • I work with you to figure out the BEST way to for you to move forward.

Who do I do it for?

  • I do it for restaurant owners, who have bet their last dime on the success of their business.

  • I do it for restaurant managers and chefs who want to take their game to the next level.

  • I do it for experienced restaurant professionals who want to up their game and go to the next level.

  • I do it for the CEO, who has nowhere to turn for the truth.

WHY is that important?

  • It’s important because everybody needs someone to talk to

  • Someone who understands their struggles and

  • It’s important because everybody wants to succeed…

  • Nobody wants to work their ass off – just to fail…

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