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Pesto Meatball Sliders

Meatball Sliders are great for parties... they can be prepared ahead and held in a crock pot until you're ready, no babysitting.


Recipe makes 20 Sliders:

1 cup fresh basil leaves 
2 garlic cloves 
2 tablespoons pine nuts 
1/4 cup grated parmesan  
1/4 cup olive oil

2 lbs ground beef 
1 cup oatmeal 
3 eggs, beaten 
1 tablespoon horseradish 
2 tablespoons Steak Spice

1 quart marinara sauce
10 slices provolone cheese 
10 cocktail buns


Place fresh basil, garlic, pinenuts and parmesan cheese the food processor. 
Turn on the processor and pour in oil through the feeder tub until combined, This is Pesto... Set aside.

Place ground beef in a large bowl. 
Pour the pesto over the beef. 
Add the oatmeal, eggs, and horseradish to the beef. 
Season the beef with Food Guru Steak Spice or salt and pepper. 
Mix together to combine all ingredients.

Form the beef into golf ball size meatballs and place on a sheet pan.
Bake at 350-degrees, 20 - 25 minutes, until they are cooked all the way through.

Store meatballs is in your favorite marinara sauce in a crock pot until ready to serve.

To Serve:
Split open a cocktail bun and top with a slice of provolone cheese.

Add the pesto meatball 
Top with some marinara sauce.


You can use this recipe for meatloaf and also use the meatballs on pesto meatball pizza.

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