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Build a Better Restaurant.

Peter Harman the Food Guru has developed a 3-Step Program to help you build a better restaurant.


1. Podcast

& Blog


2. Download

the eBook


3. One-On-One



The Food Guru's weekly 'Pep Talk' with valuable ideas and insights to get you fired up moving forward.

Podcast & Blog.


Download the eBook.

Begin your journey with the Food Guru. These Eight Basic Fundamentals will help you see the big picture.

One-On-One Coaching Session.

A one-on-one coaching session with the Food Guru is like digging in pure gold. Peter will get you headed in the right direction. Fast.

Each new podcast and blog post focuses on one of the eight basic fundamentals.

Master the Eight Basic Fundamentals.

  1. Set a noble goal.

  2. Develop the "Owner Mindset".

  3. Build a winning team.

  4. Build a customer-centered brand.

  5. Increase sales.

  6. Manage the money.

  7. Build a systems-dependent business.

  8. Innovate, improve, and adapt.

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