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Mango Prep

How to Prepare Fresh Mango



When selecting fresh mangoes, select mangoes that are firm but not hard like rocks, supple but not mushy…

To trim a mango:
Start by using a small utility knife.
Cut off the top and the bottom of the mango so it has a flat surface to sit on.

It’s generally best to use the side of the mango with the stem as the bottom.

When trimming mango and other fruits it’s safest to have a flat bottom so that it doesn’t wobble around. Trying to Cut a moving target with a sharp knife can be tricky and dangerous

Peel the mango from top to bottom with a small utility or paring knife.
Turn and peel again.
Continue all the way around go all the way to the bottom of the mango.
Remove any odd pieces of skin.

Find the flat seed in the mango.

The best way to find the seed  is to slice off the top until you see the edge of the seed. This tells us which direction the seed goes in.

Now we slice in front of the seed

You should be able to feel the seed with your knife as you cut along it.
Turn the mango around, slice along the other side of the seed

Come back and trim off any excess pieces of mango from the seed
Turn it over and do the same.

Then slice the mango into thin strips like this.
This is sliced mango..!

If you’re into gadgets:
Peel the mango, determine the seeds direction, and place the cutter on the seed.Place the gadget above the mango… Push down firmly to cut around the seed.
Then remove the seed from the gadget.
You could also do this before peeling the mango,

This contraption is cool but
It doesn’t peel the mango…
It leaves mango on the seed that still needs to be trimmed off.
and you still need to use a paring knife…

Personally I prefer to use the paring knife, but the choice is yours..!



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