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Lobster Fried Lobster


2 eight ounce lobster tails.
oil for frying
Melted Butter
Ginger Sauce*
Lemon wedges
Chop Sticks
Really Cool Plates
Sparkling Wine
Candle Light
Mood Music
Willing Partner


Everybody loves lobster...!
This is the only way to eat lobster, no shells, no mess.
If you really want to impress you gotta try this!
Don't forget the ginger sauce and the chop sticks.

Use a pair of heavy duty scissors, cut lobster tail in half, remove the tail meat from the shells, cut meat into bite sized pieces.

Deep fry in 350-degree oil for 20 seconds.(Do Not Overcook)
Remove from oil and pour onto a platter lined with paper towels, to absorb oil.
Transfer lobster chunks to serving tray and serve with Ginger sauce, lemon wedges and melted butter.

See Ginger sauce recipe in sauce category.


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