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Lighting the Grill

Lighting the Grill



Here’s the best way I’ve found to light a charcoal grill
If you follow these instructions, you’ll be ready to go in 12 minutes

We start with two of these chimney starters
There are two compartments
The large one on top for the charcoal
and a small one on the bottom for paper starter

Place the chimney starter on the bottom rack of the grill -small compartment UP

Spray newspaper with pan spray…
wad it up and place in the small compartment of the chimney starter

That’s right pan spray… be sure the top ingredients is oil, not water
The pan spray replaces the need for petroleum based starters
which leave foods with a bad taste…

Turn the chimneys over and fill them 2/3 full with charcoal briquettes
Light the newspaper with a long lighter

Open a frosty cold beverage and wait for the coals to heat

When the coals start to turn white, they are ready to go
Usually one chimney will turn white faster than the other
Pourthe fast one out first and pour the slower one on top

Now you’re ready to grill in only 12-minutes..!

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