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Inside Out Roll

Inside out rolls are also called uramaki rolls. This is our version that we call Californication.


Sushi Rice
Crab Stick
Avocado slices
Cucumber, julienne
Sesame seeds


Inside Out California Rolls:
For inside out rolls we need to wrap the bamboo mat in plastic wrap
hold the mat between your stomach and the plastic wrap box
pull out the wrap and tuch against your stomach… 
wrap the plastic around the mat twice
leave the wrap end on the back side of the mat away from the sushi
roll the mat up like this and squeeze to release excess air

You may also pull the plastic on the table and wrap the mat like this
It won’t be as tight, but it will work, roll the mat and squeeze out the excess air

Lets make an inside out California roll:
wet hands
grab a loose ball of rice
tap the nori with the rice to pick it up… place on the cutting board
push rice across the nori, use your fingers kinda like typing 
cover the entire piece of nori
be sure the center of the nori is completely covered because that side will be up and most important for presentation
sprinkle with black and white sesame seeds
flip the nori and rice over, so it is nori side up
top with slices of avocado
crab and thinly sliced cucumbers
it’s cool to allow some of each to come out over the ends of the nori
you don’t need a roller… roll the sushi, just go back and forth and be sure to tuck the ends
finish the roll
now top with the wrapped bamboo mat and squeeze to tighten
To cut inside our rolls, we need a wet knife blade
Dip the knife tip in the bowl and angle the tip up… the water will run down the entire blade
slice the roll in half - slice each half in half 
re-dip your knife and slice each of those in half
We want 8 slices - wet hands and arrange sushi on serving plate
serve with pickled ginger, and wasabi

For a cool top garnish on your sushi
take the avocado we sliced and shingled and 
un-wrap it part way place it on the sushi wrap still on the top
Place an un-wrapped bamboo mat on the plastic and press to tighten
we don’t want plastic on the mat and the avocado, because they’ll stick together 
leaving the plastic wrap on the avocado 
wet your knife and slice thru the plastic and the sushi
remove the plastic and re-tighten the roll with the mat
sprinkle with sesame seeds
wet hands and arrange on a serving platter
finish with pickled ginger, wasabi and some awesome shiso sauce
This is an inside out California roll with shiso sauce


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