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How to Cook Fish

Valuable information for every fish lover.



Do you love fish but are afraid to cook it at home?
Here are some of my tips and ideas to help take a little of the mystery out of it.

The First Rule of Cooking Fish is Never Over Cook It...!
Ya see Fish is mostly made up of water..! All we do is heat the water in the fish. Sounds simple,because it is.

The second Rule of cooking fish is...Never over season it.
You Never want to mask the delicate taste of the fish.

The easiest way to cook fish is in the oven.
Place the fish filet in a shallow pan, like a pie tin Smear it lightly with butter or olive oil
season it lightly, with salt and pepper.
Bake the fish at 400-degrees in the center of the oven.

Always put a little water in the pan with the fish, that way the oven will absorb the water from the pan instead of the fish, leaving it moist and juicy...Good Tip Eh..!

How do you know when Fish is done?
Easy, Stick a knife in the center of the fish, if it feels rubbery cook it a little more
If the knife slides in and out easily... It's done.

When Grilling Fish...
Marinade it in a little olive or vegetable oil...Season it lightly and cook it like you would a steak.

Afraid of stinking up the house...?
Heat up the gas grill and bake the fish on a shallow metal pan, just like you would in the oven.

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