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Green Pepper Prep

Dice and Julienne Peppers



Washing the peppers and dry them with a paper towel so they do not slide around on the cutting board

Most people cut off the top of the pepper.
I don’t do that because it wastes the top of the pepper.
Instead, I cut the pepper in half lengthwise like this. Remove the seeds like this,
now we can use the whole pepper.

Cut the pepper in half. Then cut that half in half
Remove the little end pieces like this.
With the skin side down, cut the pepper into thin strips.
These are Julienne Peppers.

is a French word that means to cut food into a shape that resembles a match-stick


To dice a pepper:
do the same as above except line the strips up and slice like this to form small squares - these are diced peppers

This is how we julienne and dice a bell pepper.

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