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Green Beans

Garden Fresh Green Beans


Fresh Green Beans
salt & pepper


To prepare green beans

Remove the stems, by snapping them off with your fingers (see video)
OR with a paring knife which allows you to cut several at a time

You may trim off the opposite side to match, or not, I like them natural
Wash the beans in cold water

We’re gonna cook the beans in boiling water, we need a pot with a tight fitting lid…
Fill it up about half way water and bring to a boil
Add a little table salt (show it in my hand)

Add the green beans
Cook for about 4-5 minutes until they turn bright green and soften a bit, be sure they still retain some snap

Strain the beans and serve with butter and season with salt and pepper

The down side of boiling vegetables is that they lose some of their flavor and nutrients
I find it better to steam vegetables when possible, see brocoli or cauliflower recipe for technique.

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