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The Food Guru's Three Pepper Theory

The Food Guru's Three Pepper Theory

Dec 05, 2013 by The Food Guru  | Tags: seasoning, pepper

My spice blends are all based on the use of Three Peppers, black pepper, white pepper and red pepper.

Pepper is an irritant, it irritates our taste buds and forces them to open, this helps us TASTE BETTER.
Once our taste buds are open, we can drop in any flavor we want. 
Different peppers effect different parts of your palate. 

Black Pepper - 
hits you in the tip of your tongue
White Pepper - in the roof of your mouth 
Red Pepper - hits you in the throat. 
This creates a round flavor sensation which stimulates your entire mouth, which makes your entire MOUTH WATER.

Why Salt & Pepper?
Salt is an ABRASIVE it cleans your tongue making it easier for foods to make contact with our taste buds. 
This little scientific formula sets the stage and helps us taste our foods better.

When I cook I pay attention to where my palate is and isn't properly stimulated and then adjust the seasonings acordingly to create maximum flavor. Quite scientific eh!

If something is too hot in the throat, I'll add more black pepper to stretch and balance the flavor. Try it you'll be amazed..!

This is the reason I use spice blends. My Food Guru Spice recipes are in the spice section so you can make them yourself. My spice blends will make you look like a culinary stud in your home kitchen.

Dried spices have a shelflife, be sure to purchase fresh ones occasionally.
I sell my spice blends in the On-Line Store, which will save you time and money. Buying all the spices necessary to make your own blends can be more expensive than buying my blends, plus all those spices will probably get old before you can use them.

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