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Salt Insight

Salt Insight

Dec 05, 2013 by The Food Guru  | Tags: spices, salt

Salt is a HOT item today, there has been an explosion of new super cool sea salts on the market. Salt is now available in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors. Experiment a little and I'm sure you'll learn something.  

When using salt in Food Guru recipes:
I generally use KOSHER SALT in my recipes. Kosher salt is a larger grained salt than table salt. There is more salt in a tablespoon of table salt than there is in a tablespoon of kosher salt. Look at the size of the salt granules and you will understand. Compare popcorn salt, table salt, kosher salt and sea salt. 
If you use table salt to re-create my recipes, cut the amount in half and add more as needed.

The Purpose of Salt:
Salt is an abrasive. It abrades our tongue, and creates a clean surface from which to taste. This actually helps us taste the foods better, because we have less "Stuff" in the flavor path. Salt also draws moisture from foods, this moisture contains Flavor. Generally, salt doesn't ADD flavor it is a flavor enhancer, which makes tasting easier.  The purpose of salt is to set up the palate and make tasting easier.

Take it easy with salt, you can always add more... It very difficult to take it out!

Remember, size does matter when it come to salt. 

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