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Dice an Onion

How to dice an Onion


One Onion


To Dice an Onion:
Start by cutting off the top and the bottom of the onion
Cut the onion in half - this makes it easier to peel.
Place it flat side down on the counter.
Now slice the onion in the other direction until about halfway through.
Lay the onion down and continue to slice.
When we get to the final uncut end… cut it in half… twist it and dice it.

Ever wonder why a chef knife curves?
It’s because when we slice an onion straight down, the tip doesn’t reach all the way through, it leaves a small piece of the onion uncut.
This uncut piece holds the onion together making it easier to dice. 

Because an onion is made up of rings we only need to cut them in two directions.
Nature has already taken care of the second cut.

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