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Cooking Rice

Perfect Rice Everytime


4 cups short grain rice
4 cups water

water for rinsing


Cooking Rice
Start with 4 cups of rice in a large bowl.  
For sushi you should use short grain rice. 
Short grain rice is almost round and has a higher starch content than medium or long grain rice
the extra starch is what makes it so sticky.  

Cover it with cold water and scrub the rice by rubbing your hands together like this, 
see how the water becomes cloudy
That’s because we are washing the talc off the rice
Drain the water into the sink 
you don’t have to drain it completely at this step
Cover the rice w/ cold water again 
Do this three times until the water stays clear after scrubbing

Here’s a secret sushi tip:
Now cover the rice with cold water and allow it to soak for 20-minutes
This starts the absorption process. 
After 20 minutes strain all the water from the rice and let it drain in the strainer for a few minutes 
Pour the rice into the bowl of the rice cooker 
add exactly 4 cups of water.
wipe the bottom of the bowl with a towel, 
this protects the cooking element and helps your rice cooker last longer

Close the lid, plug in the cooker and press the cook button
The rice cooker will automatically turn itself off when it’s done cooking.

Another Important Rice Cooking Tip:
After the cooker clicks allow the rice to sit with the lid closed for an additional 15-minutes 
So it can blow off excess steam and dry out a bit. 
This will help the rice absorb the right amount of vinegar in the next step
If the rice sits too long it will absorb too much vinegar and become too sticky

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