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Chocolate Truffles

Making Chocolate Truffles is easy and Fun!


Ganache Filling  
3 cups good quality semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate 
1 cups heavy cream


2 cups semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate


Orange Filling:
Orange zest 
Grand Marnier

Raspberry Filling:
Seedless raspberry jam
White Chocolate for coating



Chocolate Filling:
Place chocolate into a large bowl. 
Bring cream to a boil in a small saucepan over medium-high heat
Pour over chocolate in bowl. 
Stir to combine, this is ganache.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until mixture sets but is still pliable, 20-30 minutes. 
Using a teaspoon, scoop chocolate mixture and roll into quarter-sized balls. 
Transfer the chocolate balls to wax or parchment paper as you roll them out.
Don't worry about rolling them perfectly round, free form is cool! 
Refrigerate truffles for about 10 minutes or until firm.

To coat:
Melt more chocolate in a double boiler and dunk the ganache balls into the chocolate. 
Let the coating set on a plate at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. 
Roll truffles in cocoa powder to finish.

Truffle Variations:

For Orange Truffles:
Stir orange zest and Grand Marnier into the ganach filling in step one
Allow orange ganache to set, roll into truffles.
Coat the orange truffles in a mixture of powdered sugar and ground ginger 
Finish the orange truffles with candied orange rind.

Raspberry Truffles:
Add seedless raspberry jam to the ganache mixture in step one. 
Allow raspberry ganache to set, roll into truffles
Coat with melted white chocolate and garnish with dark chocolate swirls.

Truffle variations are limitless, create your own versions and have fun.

*chocolate ganache is usually equal parts cream and chocolate
we are making this recipe 2/1 so it's extra flavorful and sets up better than regular ganache.



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