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Chili Tips



Chili is as American as Apple Pie. Who makes the best chili is a great topic to bicker, piss, moan and argue about. Here are a couple of my ideas to add to the chili pot. Just check em off, if your already doing them... Or add them to your repertoire if your not.

I use an old thick heavy duty cast iron pot with a lid called a Dutch Oven. Find one you can be really proud of. 
Take pride in your chili pot... Did you know November is Mexican chili pot month? 

Use Lots of ONIONS & Garlic
Try different varieties, Cook 'em til they wilt turn brown and caramelize.

Remember that's why they call it Chili, and they are good for ya... healthy
Green peppers, Poblano, jalapenos, and if ya wanna fire everybody up add some haberneros?! 
Try Chipotle Peppers that add awesome flavor.

Use Plenty of MEAT... 
I use three types of meat, they add 3 different tastes and textures.
Ground Chuck for body, Chorizo Sausage, for flavor and heat, Beef Sirloin, or beef tenderloin chains cut into chunks. I think it's Manly top have chunks of meat in chili, just ground beef seems pretty lame to me, and meat chunks are a nice surprise.

THICKEN The Chili... 
After searing your meat, add a little flour to absorb the excess grease/oil, and help the chili stay thick.

USE Lots of SPICES... 
Garlic powder, onion powder, black, red & white pepper, plus Cumin and Chili Powder, for depth.

Chicken and beef BROTH... For background flavor. 
Some kind of tomato...

To BEAN OR NOT TO BEAN!... That is a damned good question, chili beans

SIMMER...Let the chili simmer... forever.

BEER... Add a little BEER as it cooks, chili loves beer too.

TOPPING the Chili...Cheddar cheese, jalapeno's, saltines, sour cream and guacamole

Got good IDEAS...For the worldwide macho chili pot...E-mail me...!

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