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Celery Prep

Celery is an inexpensive vegetable to practice your knife skills with.



The first thing I learned in culinary school was how to prepare celery…

First we cut the bottom off the celery stock
wash the individual celery ribs
and dry them with paper towels so they don’t slide around on the cutting board.

cut off the leaves and put them with the bottom to use in your stock pot

Celery Sticks:

Use a chef knife

Square up the ends and cut the ribs in half lengthwise
Then cut the halves in half again lengthwise
Cut these into thirds to create celery sticks….

To dice celery…
We do the same thing as for sticks, but this time cut the celery into squares
This is large dice…

Small dice - cut the celery ribs in 6 sticks instead of four
and make thinner diagonal slices which makes the squares smaller….
This is small diced celery….


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