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Carrot Prep

How to Slice, Dice and Julienne Carrots



These carrots just came from the local farmers market…

Start by cutting off the tops and peeling the carrots, use the peelings for stock.

Slicing Carrots:
Use a chef’s knife to slice the carrots.
Notice how the knife is curved; Use the curve to rock the blade like this.
Then feed the carrot in like a buzz saw to slice as it goes through.

Julienne Carrot:
Cut the carrot in half lengthwise.
Square up the ends and then slice them into sticks.
Cut these long sticks in half to make carrot sticks

Dice a Carrot:
Cut the carrot in half and then cut the half into several long sticks.
arrange the sticks in a bundle and slice into little squares.
These are diced carrots

This is how you slice, julienne and dice carrots…

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