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Brown Sauce

Brown Sauce


1 cup             Celery
1 cup             Onion
1 cup             Carrot
1/2 cup          Olive Oil

4 cloves         Garlic
1 teaspoon    Thyme, dried
1 teaspoon    Oregano, dried
1 teaspoon    Black pepper corns

2 quarts         Beef stock
1/2 cup          Tomato sauce


Brown sauce is one of the mother sauces
There are two main types of brown sauce
Espagnole and Demi-Glace
these base sauces are used as a foundation for other sauces

To make espagnole:
sauté diced mirepoix vegetables - celery, onion, carrot and garlic in olive oil until tender
add some dried thyme and oregano and season with black pepper
add Rich Beef Stock
and a little tomato sauce, puree or paste

Let this simmer very slowly for about 10-minutes
add roux to thicken and simmer for an additional 5-minutes

Strain the sauce…

This is a Mother Sauce called Espagnole

Demi is a French word for half
so Demi-glace is equal parts Espagnole sauce and rich beef stock

To make demi-glace:
Bring one cup rich beef or veal stock to a boil and add one cup Espagnole sauce
Strain… this is demi-glace –

How to use demi-glace:
Here’s an idea… pan sauté a couple of boneless pork chops in olive oil
add minced shallots and garlic

And deglaze with red wine…
see how the wine cleans the FOND from the skillet… that’s good for flavor
(FOND = the stuff / particles that stick to the skillet when we cook, this is concentrated flavor.)
add demi-glace, mushrooms and green onions, season with black pepper,

Remove the pork from the skillet
Reduce the heat and simmer the sauce for a few minutes

finish the sauce with whole grain mustard and whole butter…
Use these ideas to create you own sauce… Have Fun!

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