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Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel is a white sauce, made by thickening cream, half and half or milk


Salt & Pepper

Alfredo / Mornay:
Chicken Stock
Parmesan Cheese


Start by melting butter and sautéing onions
Add 2 cups of cream and heat until it starts to boil
DO NOT allow the cream to bubble up out of the pan…
If it starts to bbble up… immediately remove from the heat

Add roux to thicken the sauce, this will also help it from bubbling out of the pan
Allow the sauce to simmer, add the remaining cream and stir
season simply with salt and pepper
This is Bechamel one of the mother sauces

To make this béchamel into Alfredo or Mornay Sauce
Saute onions and garlic in butter
Deglaze with white wine
Add some chicken stock, reduce
Add the bechamel sauce and simmer until it’s hot
Add parmesan cheese, either shredded or grated

This is what Italians call Alfredo and French call Mornay Sauce
Season however you like

* this is for theory, portions are not exact

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