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Avocado Insight

Selecting avocados:
In my opinion the dark skinned Haas avocados are the best. Avocado’s should be stored at room temperature and not refrigetated. We want them to be supple, firm, not too hard, not too soft, not mushy with no brown spots.


Fresh Haas Avocado


The best way to prepare an avocado is:
Use a sharp paring knife. Cut the avocado in half,
(top to bottom, lengthwise, pole to pole, not around the equator)
Twist both halves in opposite directions and pull apart
Tap the pit with the sharp side of the knife so it sticks part way in
Twist the knife to loosen and remove the pit. Discard the pit.

Now hold the avocado half in your hand, use the knife to cut in straight lines
give the avocado a quarter turn and slice the other way to create little squares

Tip: You want to avoid cutting through the avocado skin and slicing your hand.

Dig out the perfectly diced avocado meat all in one move…Awesome!

To slice the avocado just scoop out the whole avocado half, lay it on the cutting board and slice.

Tip: Place the pit in your guacamole during storage to prevent it from oxidizing??? 

Avocado are very versatile, they are great in salads, and can even be used to make ice cream… Wow Avocado ice cream - whodathunkit!

* Check out the guacamole recipe in the appetizer chapter


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